Dedicated, passionate and skilled volunteers are always welcome!

Volunteers are an important asset for TYSA. The organization welcomes volunteers of all nationalities, religions, races and creeds and is open to differing levels of skills and experience in a variety of fields, including (but not limited to): Social work, Children and Youth Development, HIV/AIDS awareness, Education, Sports, Training, Research, Information Technology,  Fundraising, Management, and Gender Development.

In particular, we are currently seeking assistance in the following areas:

Social workers: Trained and experienced professionals are always needed in these areas to work with the boys and girls at TYSA Community Sports and Youth Resource Centre.

Early Childhood Development: Qualified and experienced teachers/social worker / instructors are always welcome to work with TYSA’s children, designing and delivering Non Formal Education in Early Childhood Development curriculum.

Resource Mobilization and Fundraising: We need volunteers to help us prepare and launch annual campaigns to raise funds for our programs. We also need volunteers to organize fundraising events.

Information technology: We need volunteers to help set up and maintain computers at our office and to provide training to our beneficiaries.

Coaching: Value Based Football is an important advocacy tool at TYSA. We need volunteers’ coaches to help strengthen and support Football program

Whatever your area of expertise, please contact info@tysafrica.org and provide a summary of your experience which indicates how you are best suited to help at TYSA.

NOTE: TYSA’s recruitment and selection procedures reflect our commitment to the safety and protection of children and Youth in our care, activities and programs. Volunteers are expected to comply with TYSA Code of Conduct

Attention volunteers

  • Agreement to host you depends on a clean reference check, the timing of your visit and the skills, experience and enthusiasm you can offer.
  • We only accept foreign volunteers who can stay for at least 3 months.
  • We don’t provide food or accommodation, but we do provide information on how to find it.
  • We do not accept volunteers under the age of 18.