TYSA facilitates the development of young leaders, provides mentorship and nurtures innovations using the power of football and Arts. Since 2001, TYSA has been informed, inspired and guided by its theory of change, which appreciates individuals in driving social transformation through team sport; football. Our primary mission is transform young people through life skills education, leadership and mentorship. TYSA is based in Trans Nzoia County, Kenya.


To transform young people through life skills education and mentorship

Prosperous Youth and Communities

  1. Passion
  2. Open mindedness
  3. Innovation


We have used Football for social transformation to impact over 2 million young people directly and indirectly since our establishment in 2001. We effectively utilize our experience in Football 3 methodology and arts among other approaches to motivate learning, healthy life styles, character building, gender inclusivity, citizenship and exposure to limitless opportunities for children and young people.


  • TYSA’s theory of change is anchored on the premise that every child is unique and posses  different abilities and talents and therefore should not be condemned and or ridiculed as a result of societal assumptions, beliefs, expectations and stereotyping.
  • At TYSA we commit to working with and reaching out to children and young people who are marginalized, those that slip through already weak social safety nets and those most vulnerable to abuse, violence, illiteracy, exploitation and disease through value based sports.
  • We believe in continuous sustainable transformation for our individual target group as well as their  society, and that this is possible when individual talents and abilities are identified and nurtured; when education is made accessible; when children and young people are offered safe spaces and are given a voice in decision making.
  • To TYSA, the child’s self-discovery, realization and advancement is key and value based sports is the unique and dynamic vehicle to which its interventions are hinged.


  • We endeavor to make a school a safe and enjoyable space for learning to take place

SDG 4: Ensuring inclusive and quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning


We enhance the capacities of Young people to make informed choices by increasing opportunities for young people’s self discovery, realization and advancement process

This is inline with SDG 16: Promoting just, peaceful and inclusive societies and SDG 5: Achieving gender equality and empower all women and girls

Through structured skilling programs we provide opportunities for  internships, mentorships, leadership development and employability skills training.

We address SDG 9: Building resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

We value the power of developing lasting partnerships, for building synergies, harnessing diverse strengths and interests towards common good as envisaged in SDG 17: 

Revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development 

We are members of the Streetfootballworld Network (SfW) and International Sports Alliance (ISA)