s3TYSA believes in a different way of undertaking development. For us, human development is ultimately about deepening our awareness of self and our impact on others. Our stance is that in order to bring about truly effective development, a multi-dimensional social transformation approach which addresses different realms of experiences is the only viable

long-term strategy as opposed to the common provision of one dimensional solutions which primarily address political, social, and economic systems. These realms of experience are

The individual’s behavior

That our behavior determines what takes place within our environment. We take individuals/beneficiaries through a transformative process in which they define their values, act on them, connect with others and encourage them to do the same. We facilitate self-awareness and discovery for ultimate transformation.

The individual’s thoughts and emotions

That we are as good as our thoughts and emotions. In our programming, we present ourselves as thought leaders who are not afraid to take bold steps to undertake what we believe is right.

Collective norms and inter-personal relationships

We encourage transformation from individual to collective action. We don’t simply want to see change at the individual level, we also want changes in collective and societal norms. By creating an environment in which society as a whole understands that children have a right to play and that something must be done about it, a true large scale change transformation can occur.

Our strategy, therefore, is to address all three of these realms in our programming. By doing so, we avoid falling into the trap of designing programmes which yields quick wins and short-term results, and not lasting change.

“just as Caroline, my siblings and I underwent the same predicament. My parents were looked down upon by the community due to poverty, we were ridiculed and condemned as people who could not add value to anything. We were not part of the community….. as children we were humiliated. ….those were many years before Caroline. It is for this cause that TYSA was born. To provide safe spaces for the ridiculed….the condemned…the desire to nurture and prove to the society that indeed every child is unique, to demystify societal stereotyping and to ultimately transform the same society.quips Francis Gichuki, the Founder and CEO of TYSA